Writer's Relief Blog: "Open Mike Night: Ten Tips For Reading Your Writing In Public"


    Writers, there may come a time when you are called to read your poems, short stories, or an excerpt of your novel in a public setting. Depending on your personality, the thought of public speaking will either send tremors of terror through you or you will revel in the chance to read your work to an appreciative audience. Whether you love open mike night or hate it, we’ve got some tips to help make your public reading a smashing success!

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    We could tell you how great we are all day, but why do that when writer Allena Tapia does it for us in her article for! Click the link above to learn more about what we do here at Writer’s Relief from an outside source.

    Writer's Relief Blog: "The Art of the Personal Essay"


    The word essay conjures up feelings of dread or boredom for many of us (think college applications, biology reports)—remember the plodding five-paragraph essay formula you learned to write in grade school? But the personal essay (also called a creative nonfiction essay or a narrative nonfiction essay) is a highly marketable piece of writing. Personal essays are published regularly in literary magazines and even commercial magazines.

    Personal essays are a refreshing change from their stuffy cousin, the formal essay, because the personal essay is just that—personal. It’s more chatty and friendly. You are speaking directly to your reader about anything from the death of a parent to a moment of beauty in your garden.

    If you’re a writer, your first duty, a duty you owe to yourself and your readers, and to your writing itself, is to become wonderful. To become the best writer you can possibly be.
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    It all started in a conference room in the desert that is El Paso. Six young writers from the University of Texas at El Paso and Victoria University in Melbourne and their mentors came together with a crazy idea to start something that has never been done before (as far as we know). Three days of sleep deprivation, too much coffee, and sore bums led us to this: an online international undergraduate literary journal known as meterxmetre.

    We welcome all submissions but give preference to emerging writers and particularly encourage work from undergraduate students around the world. It is our hope that through literature we can contribute to a better understanding of the worlds that we live in.

    Above all else, this publication was founded upon the notion that art and literature matter, especially in the growing turmoil that is today. 

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